About Elles

Prime Buyers Agency Spain
CEO, Elles Hooft van Huysduynen, is no ordinary estate agent. Elles is a true Premium Buyer’s agent and her dream is to help every buyer in Spain buy their dream home.

Elles is a licensed real estate professional and member of the Spanish API organization, who only represents buyers. She helps clients find the right properties in Spain and acquire them at the right price.

Elles was born and raised in the Netherlands and moved abroad in 1998. After living in several countries (including Prague and Mumbai), she and her family ended up in Barcelona since 2014, where she now enjoys living.

Moving to this great city gave her the opportunity to finally follow her passion and for her that was; working in the dynamic world of real estate. For Elles, finding the most suitable property for her clients is something she does with great passion. Nothing gives more satisfaction than making sure you make the right match!

Why engage with Elles? Elles picks up your housing requirements and the moment Elles has found a number of properties, she is happy to invite you to go and view these properties with her and the selling party. If you are interested, she will go through the documents and advise you on the asking price and a possible offer. Naturally, Elles speaks the Spanish language so she can go through everything for you and conduct the negotiations. This means you do not need to hire a separate lawyer!
Prime Buyers Agency Spain