Catalonia approves decree to regulate seasonal rentals

The decree, set to take effect shortly (the day after its publication in the official newspaper) and expected to garner political support within a month, revises Catalan housing and bail laws. It introduces fines ranging from 3,000 to 90,000 euros for owners who fail to comply with the regulations. Despite being introduced just before the […]

Upcoming Seminar ” How to buy a house in Spain as a foureigner”

Dreaming of owning a house in beautiful Spain? Discover everything you need to know at our seminar: “How to Buy a House in Spain as a Foreigner”. Join our experts as they share essential tips and insights on navigating the complex process of real estate acquisition in Spain. From legal considerations to financial planning, we’ll […]

“Real Estate Boom: Balearic Islands Lead with 3.3% Increase in First Quarter”

"Vastgoedhausse: Balearen leiden met 3,3% stijging in eerste kwartaal"

Both new and used home prices saw a modest 0.1% rise in the first quarter, yet they remain 3.3% higher compared to the same period last year. This trend is evident in the Tinsa ‘IMIE Local Markets’ statistics, indicating that the Balearic Islands stand out as the sole autonomous region where housing values have exceeded […]

Spain’s Real Estate Investments: A New Era Beyond ‘Sun and Sand

Prime Buyers Agency Spain: 5 kustgemeenten om in een huis te investeren in Spanje

Spain’s real estate landscape is undergoing a transformative shift, moving beyond the traditional allure of ‘sun and sand’ to embrace a broader spectrum of investment profiles, reminiscent of the boom witnessed in countries like the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. This transition heralds the onset of a golden age for Spanish real estate, drawing […]

The Evolving Landscape of Spain’s Mortgage Market: A Look at the Foreign Applicant Profile

Wat is het profiel van de buitenlander die in Spanje een hypotheek aanvraagt.

In recent years, Spain has witnessed a significant transformation in the demographic of foreigners applying for mortgages. Gone are the days when the Spanish mortgage market catered primarily to a diverse international clientele without a clear dominant profile. Today, the market paints a different picture, one where the European citizen emerges as the quintessential applicant, […]