"The route we take with you will determine our journey's success."

Tell us your preferences and needs, in detail! Listening is a form of knowing your future. But also a form of taking cumbersomeness out off your hands.  
How does the offer relate to your wishes in terms of price, availability, necessary right and permits and valuation? We understand the financial scope and draw up a plan with regard to financing. Any real estate search begins with scrupulousness.
Crossing off
After an initial listing and/or comparison of the houses on offer, there is already more clarity. We check the houses and apartments that get your preferences: we assess them, see if they are competitive, available and free of hidden costs.
Mortgage / Financing
Parallel to the search for a house, we help you to confirm the amount of your mortgage and to choose the best lender for you. This together with the Spanish financial advisors that we have learned to appreciate.
We schedule the viewings based on your availability. We do these viewings with you, pointing out relevant details and of course also want to see a number of questions answered by the sales agent. Just as long until all essential information becomes available. 
Settlement and negotiation
As soon as you say 'this is the place', we won't let anything stop us! The construction inspection, cadastral check, taxation, purchase offer and delivery period and therefore our pressure on the price and the firm negotiation; the whole process step by step and complete, without stress for you.
The administrative hassle done, the paperwork and legal procedures completed and executed in an exemplary manner; all you have to do next is make an appointment with us at the Spanish notary.

We stand for


We choose to navigate with unwavering integrity in a housing market where this is not necessarily obvious to everyone. Our customers rely on us to act in their best interests and we take that responsibility very seriously. And then it quickly becomes about sense or nonsense, vague or crystal clear, chaff or wheat. About the difference between just the occasion and that real opportunity.    

know how

It is an art in itself to find people with sharper than average judgment who know how to act decisively and not be taken off guard. And you have now found them: our professional estate brokers have an enormous track record. But also the helicopter view of trends and developments regarding the integral Spanish property market and they will be able to share valuable insights with you. From real estate research and property values and due diligence, the best evaluated choices are also the best deals.


Commitment means that we will never act as if tomorrow brings the same as yesterday. Things that were simple once because they never changed are complex today due to the dynamics of the market. Sharp research, finding and matching and negotiating form the ‘skill’. Whereby the how is also of great importance. The how of Prime Buyers Agency Spain is based on: with good manners, transparency and honesty, attention, eye and ear we steal hearts. We build trust – and therefore a position.   

Saddle your dreams before you ride them. Discover the advantages of your own (second) home in Spain and let us guide you from the initial steps to the final carefree joy of a deal of a lifetime. With issues like water rights or building insurances and habitability statements not suddenly ‘forgotten’. We help you find the right homes for the right price, do the viewings with you, the assessments, negotiations and the notarial settlement.

We advise you in such a comprehensive way that you are confident that you are making the right choice. We guide you up to and including the notary and the management and maintenance processes that you may want to organize too. Before the purchase, we make an analysis of the return on investment in the shorter and longer term and the costs that you will need to calculate.

Are you looking for a rental service for your home in Spain? Then you have come to the right place at Prime Buyers Agency Spain. Thanks to years of experience in renting out properties in Spain, you can leave your home with peace of mind in the hands of our company.

Our rental service consists of:

  • Advice on the possibilities of renting out a property in Spain
  • Full or partial outsourcing of renting out your property
  • Renovation and decoration service
  • Maintenance of your property
  • Cleaning service before, during and after renting out your property
  • Looking for the right solution for insuring your property

If you would like to know more about our rental service, please contact us via our contact form.

For our international customers who want to live and work in Barcelona, we offer a comprehensive relocation service to the find the accommodation, to find schools and to guide you through all financial-administrative matters and services, including immigration.

Do you have other wishes? Are you looking for a completely different kind of service regarding buying and selling? We ourselves go as far as home staging (sales styling) and recommendations regarding possible designers and contractors. And if we don’t do something ourselves we know good others.